Sep 3, 2014
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Aug 30, 2014
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Aug 21, 2014
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just like imagine finding marie antoinette’s last scent. imagine finding your fave heroine’s last tube of lipstick, or their brush, or their mascara. imagine that power, that potency. something they touched, this symbol of vanity and obligation and power and agency, something you’ve mirrored the use of long after their death, across space and time and generations and deaths and births and life. same rituals. the spray behind the neck, the wrist. you smell them in the air. pop the tube open, their last lipstick, this kiss of death and beeswax — smells like powder and promises that you’re gonna be as badass as them, if you swipe it on. this chalice of a thing, of potential. i used to break into old houses sometimes, when i was renovating a house that was almost mine — i’d come across old things all the time. old compacts, lockets, wedding photos. i’d sit in old claw foot tubs and listen to whitney houston and watch the ceiling slowly crumble in outrage at my temporary occupancy. i always wanted to find the old makeup of a dead mother, or a girl like me. can you imagine what it must have been like to find the last perfume vial of marie antoinette? can you imagine? i do. 

i wanna find joan of arc’s bobby pins, or something. i want that kind of drive. i wanna hold that power in my hands. this rageful girl with god’s ear and the power of france behind her. imagine? imagine. your hair twisting back with the force that kept back hers. divine!!!!! divine. divine. the divine. 

Aug 15, 2014
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Jul 11, 2014
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Alexander McQueen S/S 1999

"O tell us poet, what do you do?- I praise.But those dark, deadly, devastating ways, how do you bear them, suffer them? - I praise.”Rilke


Alexander McQueen S/S 1999

"O tell us poet, what do you do?
- I praise.
But those dark, deadly, devastating ways, how do you bear them, suffer them?
- I praise.”


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We go forward.


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Jun 5, 2014
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hey um I did a thing that you can read (if you like!) I was very lucky to be asked to write it + it’s accompanied by beautiful photographs by jacky which was the best surprise

I found out about this 10 minutes before my aerobics class at the gym, so only got to read Laura’s story in a very rushed fashion. I can’t wait to read it again! I only hope that my photos do the story justice (−_−;) 

My housemate is mad talented, yo, and the story is lovely. Go, go.

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Jun 5, 2014
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If I get a little prettier, can I be your baby?

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